The WIKID is a concept which tries to connect the nature and the kids, encouraging them to go out to explore the world instead of stay in front of the virtual things, to create their stories of adventure, to reconnect with others and learn from each other.

We remember when a child coming to us, asking some fantastic questions , sometimes even us we don’t know how to answer them, they are all full of imaginations, and always much more creative than we may think. We can say every child is born as a genius.

It sounds great right? But what is the reality?

Thanks to the development of the technology, now children spend tons of hours every day playing with virtual things, we’re cooping children up inside more than ever! They do not go out to play, do not explore their imagination, they do not communicate with others, which remain a social problem.

Research shows that the children who watch TV o play video games more than three hours a day have seven times more the chance of conduct problems than the normal ones, seven times more! What a serious situation!

So maybe it’s time to change, it’s time to think of a new way to let the children use the technology properly.

Let’s make a hypothesis, let’s try to use the technology to connect the nature and the kids. Fulfill the curiosity of the kids, let them to go to explore, and use their creativity to create different things.

So why not let the children write their own Wikipedia, and share their stories with the rest of the world. And their Wikipedia will also be interesting for us to get into the children’s world.

So basically the concept contains a product and a platform that encourage kids to go out to explore.

Yeah, what the children need is real play with real things, in order to learn properly. The wikid let children’s journey of exploration be wonderful, to enhance their learning motivation. Wikid encourages children go out to EXPLORE, to COLLECT what they want, CREATE their story and SHARE with others.

The design is a combination of a lens and a book instead of a camera and a tablet which are more suitable for children to use. And now let’s start the adventure.

Press the button and it’ll come out the lens, grab it just like grabbing a little toy and get out of the home to play.

When you see something that interest you, catch it, record the moment with the camera.

When getting home, plug the lens into the book, press the lively big button here, and it’ll take all your collection into your cloud system.

Then open it just like opening a book, and all your explorations are here waiting for you.

So it’s time to share your exploration with others, tell your stories to the parents, to the friends.

Enhance your communication with these two touch screens. Pick up your photo just like picking up a little toy from the toy box! To show, to create what you want, and share your stories via, a website where all children’s imagination get together.

That is the whole system of the WIKID, as we’ve already seen, the wikid has a really strong emotional benefitswith the kids: they become more curious, they’ll be more joyful, more fantastic, more self satisfacted , and more proud with communicating with others. And all these emotion status motivate them to use the product.

And so we reach our target, to let the children play with real things and communicate with real people.

So don’t hesitate, let children go out to discover the world!


This is WIKID.